IKATbyFelli - all 100% handmade, authentic and individual.


Finest pillows and uzbek IKAT fabrics.
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Ikat by Felli - to create uniqueness



Get and enjoy an unique ambience by integration our pillows and facrics into your living space.

Feel free to ask, if you have any questions, we are delighted to help you.


What YOU get!


100% handmade, unique ikat products with intricate patterns.


We do our best to ship every order as quickly as possible. Your satisfaction is our utmost priority.

We keep our shipping costs as minimal as possible by putting our pillowcases into a standard envelope.

Pillows with fillings are shipped as parcel.


All traditional uzbek silk, cotton and velvet-silk ikat fabrics


All fabrics are hand woven of 70% silk and 30% cotton, up to 100% cotton.


Everything we sell is strictly made after traditional silk-weaving methods of Uzbekistan.

So anything you purchase is of finest quality.





All fabrics are hand-dyed with natural products. Onion-skin, beetroot, walnut-shell and hibiscus flower are few to name.


Hidden zipper,


Are to optimize the design. Look for the closely. We are sure you notice them at a second glance.





Fabrics quality and washing instructions


We recommend hand-washing with mild detergent or dry-cleaning.


IKATbyFelli brand


Our brand fits seamless to the pillow.

You can find or recommend us to your friends easily by our brand.


Get decision support contact us here by e-mail.

We will help you to get your perfect and individual fabric or pillow.






ca. 35x35, 40x40 cm

per pillowcase






ca. 50x50, 60x40cm

per pillowcase






ca. 35x35, 40x40

per pillowcase






ca. 50x50, 60x40cm

per pillowcase


Silk fabric




per running meter

width depends


Silk-velvet fabric




per running meter

width depends

Delivery costs ex. Germany between 6 EURO (envelope) and 15 EURO (parcel), depending on destination country.

Please keep in mind, length and width of the pillowcases are slightly smaller (up to 2 centimeter), due to handmade-production.

Our dimensions should you consider as indication. If you fill the pillowcases with a standard-filling, then it's filled up.

Shiny and nobel

Individual and traditional